Getting started with the RegOnline API is easy. Take a look at the resource documentation below to learn more about the API.
If you have any questions, please read the API FAQ.

Getting Started

API Methods


  • The majority of API methods are for reading data, only two methods are meant to update data (UpdateRegistration and UpdateCustomFieldResponsesForRegistration); there are no API methods for creating data (e.g. creating events) or registering users.
  • Use the “Custom CSS” feature in RegOnline “Theme Designer – Edit” if you want to modify the look of the event registration page.
  • Where applicable, use the TimeZone value to map to a GMT offset; the API methods do not return a GMT offset.
  • Where applicable, pass in a dummy date when passing in a time-type value. For example, to pass 2pm, pass “1/1/2000 14:00″ instead of “14:00″ (the “1/1/2000″ date piece is required and will be ignored).
  • You can filter registrations by Status ID, where StatusID can be one of these: 1=Pending, 2=Confirmed, 3=Approved, 4=Declined, 5=Canceled, 6=Standby, 7=Incomplete, 8=Attended, 9=NoShow, 10=FollowUp, 11=OnTheWaitlist, 12=Invited, 13=DeclinedInvitation, 14=Registered, 15=Expired, 16=OnlinePaymentPending, 17=Lapsed
  • The “Internal Code” field (in RegOnline, Registration Form > Edit Registration Form > Start > Advance Settings) can be used to uniquely associate a RegOnline event to an event record on your own system.
  • There is one version of the API; the API is not versioned.


Posted: July 28th, 2011

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