GetTransactions v1.1


The GetTransactions API method returns a list of transactions accessible to the current user. There are optional parameters to allow for filtering and sorting of the results.



Note: Although not all parameters are required, if you do not want to use a particular parameter, an empty value must still be passed with the request.

This parameter can be used to restrict the results returned from the methods. Valid filter expressions are basically C# syntax and can contain some .NET framework method calls. So, for example, if no filter is passed to GetTransactions(), then all transactions in the user’s account are returned (limited to 1000). Or, filters such as the following can be used:

   Amount.HasValue && Amount.Value > 100
   Date.HasValue && Date.Value >= DateTime(2010, 1, 1)
   EventID == 555555

This parameter defines the sort order of the results returned. Valid expression syntax is similar to a SQL ORDER BY clause. Taking the example of GetTransactions() again, if no orderBy is given, then the sort order is undefined. Or, expressions such as the following can be used:

   Date DESC

Maximum Results

This method will return a maximum of 1000 results.


    <GetTransactionsResponse xmlns="">

Transaction types

ID Description
1 Transaction Amount
2 Online Credit Card Payment
3 Online Credit Card Refund
4 Online Credit Card Chargeback
5 Offline Credit Card Payment
6 Offline Credit Card Refund
7 Offline Credit Card Chargeback
8 Check Payment
9 Check Refund
10 Credit Due to Cancellation
11 Other Payments
12 Other Credits
13 Other Charges
14 Adjustment Due to Changes in Fees
15 Cash Payment
16 Online Credit Card Chargeback Reversal
17 Other Refunds
18 Wire Transfer Payment
19 Wire Transfer Refund
20 PayPal Payment
21 Charge Due to Uncancellation
22 Credit Due to Registration Transfer
23 Payment Due to Registration Transfer
24 Online Credit Card Void
26 Service Fee
27 Registration Protection
28 Merchandise Shipping Fee


See Login documentation

Posted: January 26th, 2016

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