RegOnline API FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about RegOnline API:

Q: What is RegOnline API?
A: RegOnline API is service provider intended for use by existing RegOnline customers. More specifically, RegOnline API is a SOAP web service that provides back-end HTTPS communication to all your RegOnline event-related data.

Q: What methods does the API support?
A: RegOnline API offers enough methods to query all your event & registration -related data. For a comprehensive list of methods, take a look at the API Methods section on the Home page. For an exact description of the API methods, take a look at the WSDL:

Q: What if the API is missing functionality that I need?
A: We’re always looking to improve our API, if you think there’s a method/feature that is missing, we’d like to hear about it. As a RegOnline customer, please submit your new feature/idea via RegOnline’s Help Center*.

Q: How do I use the API to implement SSO (Single Sign On)?
A: Existing customers can read about SSO through the RegOnline’s Help Center*. Once you are ready to get started with SSO, please contact the RegOnline Support Team.

Q: I am not a RegOnline customer, can I still use the API?
A: RegOnline API is intended for RegOnline customers only. Read more about RegOnline at and sign up for a free trial today.

Q: Where can I find sample code for calling the API?
A: We have samples on Github, please follow the samples to get you started and validate that you can talk to our API and make simple methods calls.

Q: I’m getting an error calling an API method, how can I submit a bug?
A: If you’ve followed all the documentation and still getting an error, the issue might be with our API and we’d like to fix the issue for everyone. Please send us an email, support<at> and be as detailed as possible, include method names and arguments, so that we may effectively verify and reproduce the issue.

*To access the RegOnline’s Help Center, when prompted you will need to log in with your RegOnline credentials.


Posted: May 8th, 2014

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